Follow the waves…

IMG_3501Today I spent most of the daylight on Myrtle Beach. I ran along the seashells this morning, read a book over lunch and let more Vitamin D soak into my skin than I’ve had in the past four months combined. I’m not telling you this to boast about how I now get to spend my days, however I’m writing about it because today I experienced something that most people go their entire lives without experiencing.

Purity of yourself.

As I sat on my blanket, and all I could hear were the waves crashing against the shoreline, all I could smell was the salt as the sand blew across my toes and all I could feel was happiness, pride and contentment as the sunshine brightened my sunglasses to the point that I still had to squint when I looked at the water. This day was absolutely perfect.

That said, not everything went according to plan today. And there will be many, many more things that will “go wrong” tomorrow and the next day. So, why plan? Well, because we are human; and it makes us feel comfortable and as if we have some control of our lives. My parents always taught me that we have very little control over what happens in our lives. However, we CAN control how we react to it. That’s what I’m working on. How to react each day to what life hands me.

Best to you all. And just remember everything will be okay. And when it’s not try something else.

Peace and love from the Atlantic.



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