2336 miles later…

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Lynchburg, VA (top), Atlantic Ocean, NC coast (bottom left), and Fort Macon, NC (bottom right)

We are finally coastal travelers. Driving through Virginia and North Carolina, I’m getting to see parts of my country that you normally wouldn’t when running through the airport to catch your airplane to the next destination. A few things that have caught my eye I’ve discussed below. 

Poverty-There is poverty spread around almost everywhere in the world. But here I am noticing that the low income population isn’t located in just one area of a town; there are trailer houses and broken windows that where once thriving businesses that are surrounding upcoming cookie cutter developments. The pay gap is so significant in these areas and it is crystal clear to see.

History-As I knew before I began my coastal experience, the East/South presents more opportunities to travel back in time for a day and see the history of our country. I visited Fort Macon State Park in North Carolina and discovered all about coastal forts and the importance of a defense on the Atlantic coast. This fort was restored to an unbelievable condition and even included displays of artifacts and replica canons.

Food-This was one of my more personal discoveries in the area. Even though I am a sucker for a plate of mouth watering fried chicken over a bed of creamy mac and cheese smothered in gravy (my meal in Nashville), I need variety. As in fresh, delicious and maybe somewhat healthy produce. Now you wouldn’t think that fresh seafood with a nice side of asparagus would be difficult to find ON THE COAST, but man oh man! It’s like I am asking for the moon to be lassoed down, broiled up and served to me.

A HUGE thank you to Brandon and the Beatty family for the wonderful visit and the warm memories.

One last note-I’ve decided to try to keep my writing days consistent and commit to posting on Monday and Friday nights.

Much love, till Friday!



One comment

  1. Jeff Boyd · February 23, 2016

    Love the travel log! keep the posts coming! Now you know why southerners tend to be more… er… zaftig. Might as well cave in and lap up those biscuits and gravy, hush puppies, cheese grits, and fried catfish. Jeff

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