Back to my Roots


Growing up in central Wisconsin surrounded by potato fields, dairy farms and not much else gave me more than enough time to think. I thought about who I was and the person I wanted to become. After our first week of being on the road I am thankful that I have/had those wide-open spaces to think and realize that this is where I’m supposed to be. Even though throughout the years reflecting on different times, I know that I will always have my country girl roots that made me who I am today.

Since it’s been a week from the last time I posted, I wanted to share a few highlights. All that know me and have witnessed at one point or another the joy that children bring into my life and this week I was lucky to be a part of some big moments. I welcomed Miss Maya into the world and celebrated with one of my truest friends the beauty of starting a family. I also stacked firewood, milked cows, built tree forts, and ate lots of strawberry pancakes.

Back on the road tomorrow!


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